Claims Management

Claims Management

Beacon employs a proactive and unique approach while delivering “best in class” claims portfolio management services to our clientele. While our peers in the marketplace utilize a “bottom up” approach to claims consulting, Beacon utilizes a “top down” methodology to overall portfolio management with specific focus on claims that have the greatest potential to adversely affect the client’s financial statement.

Often times the path of least resistance is the path chosen by the client’s claim professionals. In certain circumstances they are offered incentives to close claims quickly, which may not be in the best financial interest of the client. Defense counsel, from time to time, chooses this path as well. We serve on behalf of our clients as their claims advocate. We identify the tolerance of the local statue, analyze the financial impact from various perspectives (claims costs, experience modifier, collateral impact, etc…) and offer the client our recommendation with substantiation thereby positioning the client to make an informed decision on an individual claim based upon all of the available data.

Beacon provides the following claims services:

  • Participation in regularly scheduled claims reviews;
  • Oversight of the claims professionals assigned to each program;
  • Development and oversight of return to work processes;
  • Interaction with claims professionals, defense counsel, medical directors etc..;
  • Development of diary system on workers compensation claims of influence;

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